Clever Cupcakes Montreal: Cupcakes Freshly Baked from Scratch and available by Delivery and for Catering.
How do I place an order for Clever Cupcakes?
We are not currently accepting orders. Please check back in the spring. We hope to be up and running again in time for the 2011 wedding season.

Does Clever Cupcakes have a retail location?
Clever Cupcakes operates from a fully certified commercial kitchen but does not currently have a store front. As such weoperate exclusively as a catering company. Our cupcakes are baked fresh for every order and are available in the Montreal area by delivery. Special requests for pick-up can sometimes be accomodated but the time window for pick-ups is very small.

How much does delivery cost?
Delivery to addresses within the boundaries of the map below is FREE (click map below to enlarge). To all locations outside of these boundaries there is a minimum delivery charge of $8.00 plus $1.00 for every km outside of the boundary. Please e-mail or call for a delivery quote.

Does Clever Cupcakes ship orders outside of Montreal and surrounding areas?
As our cupcakes are made fresh and contain no preservatives we are unable to ship cupcakes anywhere outside of Montreal and surrounding areas.

How should I store my Clever Cupcakes?
Classic Cupcakes are best kept at room temperature in an air tight container for up to 3 days. Wholesome Cupcakes should be refrigerated after 12 hours and brought back up to room temperature before eating.

Can I order less that 1 dozen cupcakes of a single flavour?
Unfortunately, since our cupcakes are baked fresh when we receive your order we are unable to offer less than a single batch or 1 dozen cupcakes of a given flavour.

Do Clever Cupcakes contain nuts?
Our cupcakes are not recommended for anyone with nut allergies. Even if any particular cupcake flavour does not contain nuts we cannot guarantee that the ingredients have not come into contact with nuts.

What is Agave Nectar?
Agave Nectar is a natural raw sweetener derived from the agave plant. Agave Nectar has the lowest Glycemic Index of any natural sweetener meaning it does not cause a blood sugar spike like refined sugar does. For this reason Agave Nectar is often considered suitable for diabetics. Dr. Oz of Oprah fame recommends using Agave Nectar as a sugar substitute.

Does Clever Cupcakes provide cupcake tiers?
Yes! Why rent a cupcake tier when you can pay less and get one you don't have to worry about returning? For $18.00 add a cupcake tier to your order that holds 36 cupcakes. We also offer a wide range larger cupcake tiers for rental or purchase with prices starting at $30.00.