Clever Cupcakes Montreal: Cupcakes Freshly Baked from Scratch and available by Delivery and for Catering.
Visions of cupcakes danced in their heads...

1.  Individual Cupcake Boxes! Looking for an original favour for guests to bring home from your next party? Why not send them on their way with delicious cupcakes! Clever Cupcakes now offers the option to have your cupcakes individually boxed. The cost for individual packaging is $1.50 per cupcake.

2.  Edible Image Cupcakes! Looking for a creative way to publicize your company? Want an original way to personalize cupcakes for a party? Now you can have an edible image of your company logo or a photograph of a loved one put on top of your Clever Cupcakes! One week notice is required for all edible image orders and the cost is $24.00 per dozen.

3.  New Cupcake Tier! Why rent a cupcake tier when you can pay less and get one you don't have to worry about returning? For $18.00 add a cupcake tier to your order that holds 36 cupcakes.

4.  Large Cupcake Tier! If you require a cupcake tier that holds more cupcakes we have those too! Our large cupcakes towers are available for rental or purchase and are perfect for large events like weddings. Rental fees start at $30.

5.  Giant Cupcake Cake! Picture a 3-D cupcake made with enough batter and icing to make 24 regular sized cupcakes and you have Clever Cupcakes' new Giant Cupcake Cake. Where else will you find a cupcake that is big enough to feed a hungry crowd of 16? Cost for a Giant Cupcake Cake is $48.00 plus extra for additional decorations.